Product Detail

Product Detail


Folding pattern steel Han sword 
USD $120.00
Product Detail
Product name: Folding pattern steel Han sword number: LC02509
brand: 龙传刀剑 Company: hold
overall length cm: 108 Stalk length cm: 27
Blade length cm: 77 Blade width cm: 3.7
Blade thickness cm: 0.85 Scabbard: Rosewood
Stem material: Solid wood + non-slip rope Blade material: Pattern steel
grind: Hand grinding Hardness HRC: 57-59
Fittings: Silver alloy weight: 1.50kg
technology: Inheriting the traditional sword casting technology of Longquan gift: Brocade box
Place of Origin: China remarks: Manual products have errors - subject to the actual object
Product features: Collection, gift giving, decoration, etc


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