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Product Detail


Four piece set (kitchen knife) 
USD $127.00
Product Detail
Product name: Four piece set (kitchen knife) number: LC02717
brand: 龙传手作 Company: Handle / set

The blade is sharp and easy to be polished. The blade is not rusty. The surface is forged so that the cut vegetables do not stick to the knife

A (Chopper) total length: 32cm edge length: 22cm handle length: 11cm edge width: 9.8cm edge thickness: 0.3cm net weight: 0.5kg blade material: 5cr15mov

B (slicer) total length: 33.5cm blade length: 22cm handle length: 10.5cm edge width: 8cm edge thickness: 0.25cm net weight: 0.35kg blade material: 5cr15mov

C (kitchen knife) total length: 33cm blade length: 21.5cm handle length: 10.5cm blade width: 5cm blade thickness: 0.25cm net weight: 0.25kg blade material: 5cr15mov

D (kitchen knife) total length: 31.5cm blade length: 20.5cm handle length: 10.5cm edge width: 4cm edge thickness: 0.25cm net weight: 0.2kg blade material: 5cr15mov

Handle: Mahogany


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